Mia Sachs PR Specialist

Meet PR Pro, Mia Sachs – PR Specialist

Get to know Mia Sachs freelance PR specialist 

Mia has worked in PR for much of her life. She works remotely primarily for clients in San Francisco and has built a strong reputation for herself. However, once she started a family she knew she needed to find a workplace away from home to stay productive.

Mia originally looked for places downtown, but the commute was a drag. One day she walked by CoWorkers and decided to sign up for a membership. Since joining she’s enjoyed the increased flexibility and how it has made her work life easier.

“I usually come in only three to four hours a day, but when I do, I’m really focused and productive,” Mia said.  “At home I’m doing laundry, kids are coming into my office, and I’m stopping to walk the dog. I’m just more efficient when I come into CoWorkers and I really enjoy seeing other adults during the day.

Mia’s only been a member of CoWorkers for four months, but enjoys the networking and how easy it is to share ideas with other members.

“George (CoWorkers founder) and I work in the same field and it’s interesting to see how we manage different types of issues in our respective businesses,” Mia said.  “I also think it’s great that there are people to chat with anytime or who you can grab a coffee with during a break. It really feels like you’re part of a community compared with working by yourself.”

Fun facts about Mia:
She likes gardening, cooking and reading.