Matt Noble

Investing in the Future, Matt Noble

In this member highlight, meet Investment Manager, Matt Noble.

Matt grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and is a die-hard sports fan. He follows basketball, football and thinks the Cubs have a real shot at the World Series this year. Matt earned his B.A. at Duke University and his MBA at Columbia University. He got into investing because he found it challenging and rewarding. Matt enjoys looking at companies and understanding how they run their business. Also, Warren Buffet’s one of his role models, and he believes in an efficient marketplace.

Matt lives close to CoWorkers, but still sees value working from a coworking space.

Working at CoWorkers has boosted his productivity and connected him to the Wilmette community. “It’s fun to be around ambitious people, and it’s much less isolating than being at home,” Matt said. “I think George and Mike foster a fun and productive environment for everyone. That matters because you’re not just renting space from a big company. You’re dealing with people who work hard to create a real communal feel and introduce you to everyone.”

When Matt isn’t working, he spends time with his family and goes skiing three or four times a season out west.