Aileen Baxter

Get to know Aileen Baxter, Career Coach at Deloitte

We decided to highlight our very own CoWorkers members so you could get to know them. The first member highlight is Aileen Baxter.

Get to know Aileen Baxter, Career Coach at Deloitte 

Aileen Baxter is a Winnetka resident and a Career Coach at Deloitte. On top of her career with Deloitte, she also has a full-time job as a wife and mother of three small kids.  When asked why Aileen chose CoWorkers, she replied, “That’s an easy question.”

CoWorkers is so appealing to Aileen because it is close to home, but out of the home. While she has been working from home for about eight years, a one-year-old child helped her decide that it was time for a change. “It has been easy to work from home up until now. My two older sons, Brady (7) and Elliott (4), were used to it,” Aileen explained. With the addition of Kellan (1), the house became a little more hectic, making it hard to get work done. When another CoWorkers member, Wendy Baker, referred Aileen to CoWorkers, (we could add a link here, linking to Wendy’s profile once it is up) she thought it was a great idea. Aileen went on to describe the CoWorkers setting as, “A wonderful environment, decorated nicely, making it a comfortable workspace.”

Outside of work, Aileen has a passion for health and wellness, in relation to diet and exercise. In her free time, she enjoys getting together with friends, going to restaurants and barbecues, as well as playing sports with her kids.