Tom Blandford

Freelance Creative Extraordinaire, Tom Blandford

In this member highlight, meet writer, director, producer and actor, Tom Blandford

Tom majored in business at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Afterward, he moved to Chicago which led to careers in creative writing and acting. Tom is always creating content so finding somewhere he could be productive was key.

He used to work at home and coffee shops but found it too easy to get sidetracked. So, after doing an online search for community workplaces, he came across CoWorkers.

Since joining, he’s noticed a difference in his productivity.

“At CoWorkers I’m going in with the intention I’m here to work, and that makes a big difference,” Tom said. “Another thing I love about CoWorkers is the people. They help me to think more positive, and make my work feel less tedious.”

Tom also loves his commute to CoWorkers.

“Sure there are all these great coworking spaces in downtown Chicago, but why would I want to spend a long time commuting there,” Tom said. “My commute to Coworkers is only 20 minutes, and it’s super mellow.”

When Tom isn’t working, he loves traveling with his girlfriend and trying new restaurants.

CoWorkers loves having Tom as part of the team.