Andy Kulick

CoWorking: Productive and Fun

Now officially open for business for more than a year, our first CoWorkers location in Wilmette is bustling with activity.  Created with a purpose of helping people improve their work-life balance, CoWorkers is doing just that by providing established professionals another place to work. And network.

We are proud of what we are building here.  We love giving people an option to get out of their home office for a few hours, or choose not to commute downtown for a day or two. But we are even more proud of the community feel that has naturally developed amongst our members. That community feel has benefited our members and us both personally and professionally.

Lastly, in addition to getting work done, our members have fun.  Fun is important. Even in the workplace. And speaking of fun, check out this fun video we produced. Hope you enjoy. And we hope it inspires you to come check us out one day.