Coworking Office Space

CoWorkers Featured in Wilmette Life

Coworkers was recently featured in Wilmette Life! The article, titled, “Shared office space company offers solutions,” highlights some of the key features that Coworkers has to offer.

“Completely renovated with hardwood floors, bright lighting and modern-designer furniture, Coworkers, which charges its renters a monthly fee, is 2,200 square feet of shared and private offices, multiple conference rooms, a stylish waiting area for clients, a kitchenette, and an equipment room with a fax machine, copy machine, scanner, and printers,” the piece explains.

One of our members, Aileen Baxter, Career Coach at Deloitte, was quoted describing her favorite aspects of the shared office. “The space is really inviting,” Baxter said. “It’s decorated nicely, it’s big, it has private areas for when I’m on the phone with clients, and it’s 10 minutes from my house.”

The location and convenience of the office are important qualities that many of our members appreciate because it allows them to be more flexible with their time and schedule.

The piece describes whom Coworkers benefits, according to the owners, George Rafeedie and Mike Chookaszian: “People who aren’t required to work at their office everyday, but who don’t want to work from home, people who work from home full-time, but whose kids might come home after school or camp, causing distractions, or people who have always been in a mobile work situation, who are tired of doing their work at Starbucks.”

The piece did a great job of demonstrating the purpose of Coworkers, which according to Chookaszian is, “To help people be more fulfilled about their work-life balance.”

We are excited about the feature!

If you haven’t seen it, you can check out the full article on Wilmette Life’s website, here.