Michael Clarke

Countless Hours And Dollars Saved, Michael Clarke

Get to know Managing Partner at TalentStew Michael Clarke

Michael is a partner in an Executive Recruitment and IT Staffing firm servicing the Midwest region. Before finding CoWorkers, Michael was in the midst of launching TalentStew with corporate headquarters in Elgin however, with a long commute, he decided it was time to look for a local space.

During a Summerfest event in Wilmette, he met George and found a CoWorkers private office to be the answer to his problems.

“I’ve saved thousands on gas and time from using CoWorkers versus driving to headquarters or renting out a place,” Michael said. “And I’ve met a group of people that I really enjoy seeing on a daily basis and who are all in different markets and industries. Yet, we still actually feel like coworkers without the overhead of working together. There is a great sense of community within the CoWorkers members and it leads to networking opportunities, lunches, after work social opportunities and even office pools and fantasy leagues.”

Michael also praises CoWorkers for boosting his productivity.

“Working from home is tough,” Michael said. “When I do try to work at home, it is difficult to keep focus. CoWorkers allows me to get out of the house and check into my office and feel like I’ve arrived at work. I put in my days work at my CoWorkers office which allows my home to be a place for being a dad and a husband.”

Fun facts about Michael:

Michael is a board member for Wilmette Hockey and directed a large fundraising effort for McKenzie Elementary school this past year.